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Insurance organizations
It's a dark, gangster and totally unfair scheme. Because of problems with re-registration of mortgage, you will need to obtain the consent of the Bank, your Bank is unlikely to agree to repay such a large loan on your own risk, not having the right collateral.

The insurance entities
The non-payment of debt, late payments can be a substantial reason for the cancellation of the credit agreement. If several heirs, the debt they will pay together, in proportion to the inherited property.

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Thus, both the lender and the prospective buyer of country property can be fully confident in the cleanliness of the documents on the lot under construction. However, should not be confused incomplete payment of borrowed funds with a single payment, which is still practiced by some banks.


The insurance entities - actuaries, insurance brokers, mutual insurance societies and insurers. Insurance organizations - insurance companies life insurance, insurance companies for insurance other than life insurance and reinsurance companies.



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